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From: harold bright -

I need you

D     D/C#         Bm7	 D/A
Lord, look upon my need;
  Em7         Asus A7
i need you, i need you.
D          D/C#         Bm  D/A
lord, have mercy now on me
  Em        D# dim7    Em      Asus
forgive me, O! lord forgive me,
A7            D      Dsus   D
and i will be clean.

Bm   Em7            A              D   D/C#
O... lord you are fimiliar with my ways
Bm        E7      A   E    Asus  A
 there is nothing hid from you
Bm   Em7               A            D   D/C#
O... lord you know the number of my days
Bm         E7               A   ... G  A
 I want to live my life for you.

D# dim7