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Performer: Carl Smith

I Found My Jesus And He Wasn't Even Lost

C                     F         C
I walked away from my Lord many times

F             C         D7             G7
Searching for something that I'd never find

C                          F           C
I couldn't see through the sun for the shine

F                C           G7            C
Cause what I was wanting was there all the time

                     F            C
And He never gave up believing in me

F       C                          G7
He kept believing that someday I'd see

C                           F            C
Love was the reason that He died on that cross

F          C         G7             C
I found my Jesus and He wasn't even lost

                             F        C
I've tried the Lord's way of living before

F                 C       D7            G7
But something was missing that I wanted more

C                        F           C
I finally found what was missing was me

F                C         G7         C
I turned back to Jesus now my soul is free