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From: "B. K"
As Played by IIIrd Tyme Out
Transcribed by Brad Kale (

I Feel Closer To Heaven

*Capo 2nd fret

          A              D          A
I have a new feeling of body within me
          F#m              E           D
Its the blessed truth of knowing I am free.
Its the love of my dear Lord, and the power in his word
                        F#m         E     A
Guarding me from where I am through eternity.

             A         D         A
And I feel closer to heaven everyday
          F#m        E            A
And I get one step higher when I pray.

I'm so close to thee I will never stray.
                   E         A
I feel closer to heaven everyday.

Well I know that this old soul has been reborn
And my eyes have opened to the light of dawn.
Darkness had to take its flight, then he filled my
eyes with light.
Thats the reason I am singing this happy song.