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From: "dorenda"
Words and music: Martin Smith
Album: Holy Moment, Soul Survivor NL Worship leader: Antonie Fountain
Also on "Cutting Edge 1 & 2" from Delirious? and on "Sonic Flood"
                 from Sonic Flood too, and maybe even more CDs.)

I could sing of your love forever

[E]Over the mountains and the [F#m]seas
your river runs with love for [A]me
And I will open up my [B]heart
and let the Healer set me [E]free
I'm happy to be in the [F#m]truth
and I will daily lift my [A]hands
for I will always sing
of [B]when your love came down

[E]I could sing of your [F#m]love forever...
[A]I could sing of your [B]love forever...

[F#m]Oh I feel like [E]dancing,
[F#m]it's foolishness I [B]know
[F#m]But when the world has [E]seen the light
they will [A]dance with joy like we're [B]dancing now