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By Carlton Buck and John Peterson
From: Guitar Picker -
I Believe in Miracles

Cre(C)ation shows the (E) power of God
There's (F) glory all (G) around
And (C) those who see Him (D) stand in awe
For (F) miracles a(G)bound
Oh (C) I cannot doubt the (E) work  of God
It's (F) plain for all to (G) see
The (C) miracles that (D) He has wrought
Should (F) lead to Cal(G)vary

Oh (C) I believe in (E) miracles
I've (A) seen a soul set (Dm7) free
Mi(G)raculous the (C) change in one
Re(D7)deemed through Cal(G)vary
I've (C) seen the lily (E) push its way
Up (A) through the stubborn (Dm7) sod
Oh (F) I believe in (C) miracles
'Cause (Dm7) I be(G)lieve in (C) love

The (C) love of God, oh (E) power divine
'Tis (F) wonderful to (G) see
The (C) miracle of (D) grace performed
With(F)in the heart of (G) me