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From: Guitar Picker -

(C) I believe for every drop of (F) rain that falls
(G7) a flower (C) grows.
I believe that somewhere in the (F) darkest night
a (G7) candle (Cmaj7) glows.
I believe for everyone who goes (F) astray
(B) someone will (E) come (E7) to show the (Am) way.
I be (Dm7) lieve,
I (G7) believe.

(C) I believe above the storm the (F) smallest prayer
(G7) will still be (C) heard,
(C) I believe someone in the (F) great somewhere
(G7) hears every (C) word.
Ev'ry ime I hear a new born (F) baby cry
(B7) or touch a (E) leaf (E7) or see the (Am7) sky,
Then I know (Dm7) why;
(G7) I be (C) lieve!