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From: Bill & Pat Taylor
Performer: Merle Travis
Comments: Arranged By: Bill Taylor

I Am A Pilgrim

    E      B7                   E                    A
E  +----0-|-2--------------0--|-0----0--------42---|-0---------------
B  |0-2---|-----0--------2----|---0----------------|---------2-------
G  |------|---2----2---2----2-|----1----1---1----1-|----2------2---2-
D  |------|-------------------|--------------------|-----------------
A  |------|-2--------2---2----|--------------------|-0-------0---0---
E  +------|-----2-------------|-0----0---0----0----|-----------------
   I am a  pil- grim    and a str-a- ger travel-ing through this

E  -0------|-------------------|-0----0-----0----40---|-4------42-----
B  --2-----|-0---------0---02--|----------------------|---------------
G  ---2----|---1---1----1----1-|---1----1----1----1---|---1------1----
D  --------|-------------------|----------------------|---------------
A  -0------|-------------------|----------------------|---------------
E  --------|-0---0---0-----0---|-0----0---0----0------|-0------0------
  weri-some land.     I  got a home  in   that yon-der ci-    ty, good
                            B7            E   A   E
E  --0----00----+--4---0----2------2---|-0----0---0------------------+
B  -------------|----------------------|-----------------------------|
G  ----1-----1--|----1---1-----2-----2-|---1----2--------------------|
D  -------------|----------------------|-----------------------------|
A  -------------|-----------2----------|-----------------------------|
E  --0----0-----+--0---0-----------2---|-0----0---0------------------+
   Lord  and it's not, not made   by    hand.

This is an attempt to tab this song in the Merle Travis finger picking
The melody notes on the first and second string are played with the
While the bass and rhythm are played with the thumb.  Notes on the same
vertical line are played simultaneously with the thumb and fingers.  I
the basic chord indicated removing only those finger or fingers
necessary to
play or reach the melody note.  Comments, suggestions, corrections and
improvements are welcomed.