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Starting mellow and build up

Holy Love

(D)Many waters cannot quench your love,
(Bm) Rivers cannot overwhelm it,  (E) oceans of fear, cannot conceal your
(A)love for me 2x  Your (E) love for me...

(D)Holy Love,(A/C#) flow in me(A), fill me up,
Like the (A/C#)deepest (E)sea
Like a (D)crashing wave, pouring (A/#C)over me
(D)Holy Love, flow in (A)me

(D)Many sorrows cannot quench you love
(Bm)Darkness cannot overwhelm it, I (E)will not fear
Your love is here to(A)comfort me(2x)...To (E)comfort me(CHORUS)

When I find you I find (D)healing
When I find you I find (A)peace, And I know there's (strong ending)
No (D)river
So wide
No (E)mountain so high
No (D/F#)ocean so deep, That you can't (E)part the sea  (CHORUS)

For I am convinced...