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From: "ronnie davis"

Hold Fast To The Right


Kneel [G] down by the [C] side of your [G] mother, my boy
You’ve [D] only a moment I [G] know
But stay till I [C] give you this [G] parting advice
It‘s [D] all that I have to [G] bestow.

Hold [G] fast to the [C] right, Hold [G] fast to the right
Where [D] ever your footsteps may [G] roam
Oh for sake not the [C] way of sal [G] vation my boy
That you [D] learned from your mother at [G] home.

You [G] leave us to [C] seek your em [G] ployment, my boy
By the [D] world you have yet to be [G] tried
But in the temp [C] tations and [G] trials you meet
May your [D] heart to the Savior [G] confide.

I [G] gave you to [C] God in your [G] cradle, my boy
And I [D] taught you the best that I [G] knew
And as long as His [C] mercies permit [G] me to live
I shall [D] never cease praying for [G] you.

You [G] will find in your [C] satchel, a [G] Bible, my boy
It's the [D] book of all others the [G] best
It will help you to [C] live and pre [G] pare you to die
And will [D] lead to the gates of the [G] blessed.