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Words & Music by Haldor Lillenas
This Chord Arrangement by Kenneth Christian


E                               E7                              A
Ev' - ry pass - ing mo - ment, ev' - ry fleet - ing hour
B7                                                                  E
We are o - ver - shad - owed by God's might - y pow'r
                                 E7                                   A
Through the whole cre - a - tion we His works may trace,
A7                         E          B7                     E
Ev' - ry - where be - hold the won - ders of His grace.


      B7                                        A           B7          E
      High - er than the moun - tain, deep - er than the sea,
      B7                                       A      B7        E
      Broad - er than the reach - es of e - ter - ni - ty
      E                          E7           A                     F#m7  A
      Count - less as the stars that high a - bove us shine
      B7                                E
      Are His mer - cies all di - vine.

Tho' the shadows deepen and the nights appall,
Tho' we may be tasting of life's bitter gall;
Still a deep assurance like a dawn so fair
Comes like golden sunrise showing God is there.

Blessed is the soul who on his God relies,
He shall soon be singing, gone his mournful sighs.
Things that seem to hinder as we onward plod
Only help to draw us nearer unto God.

O the joy of serving One we love so well!
O the peace of trusting more than tongue can tell!
Ever safely sheltered from all fear and harm,
Guided every moment by His mighty arm.