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From: "F. D. Lewis"

An old Carter Family song.  You'll find sheet music at

Hello Central, Give Me Heaven

Author: Charles Kassell (1864-1930)
Lyricist: Joseph Clauder
Publisher: Charles K. Harris

(D)Hello central give me (A)heaven
For I (A7)know my mother's (D)there
And you'll find her with the (A)angels
Over (A7)on the golden (D)stair

She'll be glad it's me a speaking
Wont you call her for me please
For I surely want to tell her
That we're sad without her here

   Hello central give me heaven
   For I know my mother's there
   You will find her with the angels
   Over on the golden stair

Poppa dear is sad and lonely
Sobbed the tearful little child
Since momma's gone to heaven
Poppa dear you do not smile

I will speak to her and tell her
That we want her to come home
You just listen while I call her
Call her through the telephone

I will answer just to please her
Yes dear heart I'll soon come home
Kiss me momma it's your darling
Kiss me through the telephone