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From: "Dan Lewis"
Performer: Alison Krauss
Album: Two Highways
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Heaven's Bright Shore

Key of Eb.  Capo 3rd fret - play key of C.  3/4 time.

           C     Am    G           C

(Verse 1)
[C]Out on the hills of glory land
So happy and free at God's right hand
They tell of a place of marvelous [Am]grace
On Heaven's bright [G]shore[D][G]

(Verse 2)
Pilgrims on [C]earth some day will go
To live in that home for evermore
Trusting in Him who [Am]died for [G]sin
And rose from the [C]grave[F][C]

On Heaven's bright shore (on Heavens's bright shore)
There's gonna be no more dyin (over there)
Not one little grave (not one little grave)
In all that fair [G]land (that [D]wonderful [G]land)
Not even a [C]tear will dim the eye
And no one up there will say goodbye
Just singing His praise through [Am]endless [G]days
On Heaven's bright [C]shore (on [F]Heaven's bright [C]shore)


Verse 3
When I must cross that rolling tide
There'll be someone on the other side
Welcoming me to that fair land
Made perfect by love

Verse 4
When I walk up that milky white way
I'll see that home coming in array
How great it must be for Angels to see
A pilgrim reach home