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From: "Felton Hall"
Words and music: Hank Williams
Artist: Hank Williams
Album: 10 CD Boxset CD 7 Track 15
Contributed by: Felton Hall

Heaven Holds All My Treasures

Key: D

(D)Some people (A)struggle for (D)riches
And (G)all of the things they will (D)buy
But (G)all of my hopes for (D)treasures
Are away be(A)yond the (D)skies

(G)Heaven holds all my (D)treasures
More precious than diamonds and (A)gold
Up (D)there I'll meet my (G)darlin'
Whom (D)God has called (A)back to the (D)fold

In this world, I'm just a drifter
I know nothing but sorrow
But to me somehow it don't matter
For I know she's waiting up there


I stand on the banks of the river
And I stare at the water so deep
And think of my darlin'
Then I bow my head and weep