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He Took Your Place

U-[D]-pon the rugged cross of [G] Calvary

Was [D] there my blessed Savior [A7] cried

For-[D]-give them for they know not [G] what they do

Oh [D] sinner friend for [A7] thee He [D] died

His [G] hands are gently knocking [D] on your door

Outside He's bidding to come [A7] in

His [D] heart is breaking as He [G] waits for you

To [D] wash you [A7] free from every [D] sin

Someday He's coming back to [G] claim His own

We'll [D] fly to Heaven's golden [A7] shore

The crown of life He gives on [G] that glad day

With [D] Him we'll [A7] live forever [D] more

Home Those cruel thorns they pierced my [G] Savior's head The [D] blood it was flowing down His [A7] face In [D] shame forsaken there He [G] hung and died Oh [D] sinner [A7] friend He took your [D] place chorus: