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Words and music: Dallas Frazier
Transcribed: Guitar Picker -
He is My Everything

I (D) long to (D7) be His (G) possession,
(E7) For (D7) He is my (A7) every (D) thing.
(A7/E) I re(D)member (G) days of (D)darkness,
Without sunshine or (A7) sight to lead the (D) way.
But a whisper of His (G) voice softly (D)calling,
To the arms of my (A7) maker to (D) stay.


He is the (A7) reason for (D) living, (D7)
Oh, (G) He is the (A7) king of all (D) kings.
I long to (D7) be His (G) posse(E7)ssion,
For (D) He is my (A7) every(D)thing.

After the lightning and thunder,
After the last bell has rung.
I want to bow down before Him,
And hear him say, "Well done."