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WORDS:verses, Linda Lee Johnson, Claire Cloninger and Tom Fettke; Traditional chorus
MUSIC: verses, Tom Fettke; Tradional chorus
Words to Verses  1986 by Word Music and Norman Clayton Publishing Co.;
(divs. of Word, Inc.)Music and Refrain Arr. Copyright 1986 by
Word Music(a div. of Word, Inc.). All rights reserved.


G              D      C            G/B
Emptied of His glory, God became a man,
Am                  D7           G
To walk on earth in ridicule and shame.
  C            B          Em              Cm6
A Ruler, yet a Servant; a Shepherd, yet a Lamb;
  G/D             D7         G
A Man of Sorrows, agony, and pain.

G              D       C              G/B
Humbled and re-jected, beaten, and de-spised;
   Am               D7             G
Up-on the cross the Son of God was slain.
     C              B            Em            Cm6
Just like a lamb to slaughter, a sinless sacri-fice;
     G/D              D7              G
But, by His death His loss became our gain.

G              D        C             G/B
Satan's forces crumbled like a mighty wall;
    Am                  D7              G
The stone that held Him in was rolled a-side.
    C                 B         Em          Cm6
The Prince of life in glory was lifted over all;
    G/D              D7            G
Now earth and heaven echo with the cry.

G     Am7   D7       G
He is Lord,    He is Lord!
                     A7             D7
He is risen from the dead and He is Lord!
      G          G7         C
Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess
     G/D   D7        G
that Jesus Christ is Lord.