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From: Nelman, Carl R
Stanley Brothers (CD in E)

Have You Someone (In Heaven Waiting)			

G                  C             G                                   
Have you someone in heaven a-waiting, 
expecting you on that beautiful shore ?
             G        C             G                                       
Be ready to join that great band of angels, 
                                 D        G
when they welcome you in to that heavenly door.

G                             C        G
Come sinners, take heed while Jesus is pleading, 
please never be caught in the pathway of sin,
              G        C           G
for Jesus may call you home in the morning, 
                              D         G
when heaven's gates open will you enter in.   


G                        C           G
The Savior will hear the prayer of a sinner, 
no matter how dark, no matter how late,
                  G         C        G
He'll welcome you home to a heavenly mansion, 
                                       D         G
take a straight and narrow way to that beautiful gate.