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From: "dorenda"
Performer: Delirious?
Album: Glo

Hang on to You

And I'll hang on to [D]You
'Cos You're [A]stronger and You [C]keep me from fal[G]ling
And You brighten the [D]world with your [A]beauty
Keep me [C]closer I'm cal[G]ling

[Bm]Looking out like a little child
[D]Holding tight when it all gets [G]wild [F#] [E]

And I'll hang on to [D]You
[C]Nothing in this world will see me [Bm]through
Only [G]You
And I'll hang on to [D]You
[C]Every day I live, I give to [Bm]You [G]

And your love it is [D]true
I feel [A]stronger and I'm [C]happy to know [G]You
'Cos You shine like the [D]sun and You're [A]brighter
Than the [C]darkness that's fal[G]ling

[Bm]No[C#m]thing [D]in [F#m]this [G]world
Could [Bm]e[C#m]ver [D]take [F#m]your [G]place
[Bm]Hap[C#m]pi[D]ness [F#m]is [G]found
In you [G]holy face
In your warm embrace [F#m] [G]

[D] [C] [Bm] [G] [D] [C] [Bm] [C]