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Performer: Kathy Mattea
Album: Good News

Words and music: Peter McCann
charted by Bo Frazer 


Verse 1:
             A        E   A
Just another homeless family
             C#m       Bm  E A
Hoping for a strangers charity,
                  D        E        C#m
Just one night in one safe place to stay
F#m            Bm      E    A
Underneath the star so far away.

Verse 2:
She carried everything they had and more,
The little one the world was waiting for,
And somewhere in the night her Child was born
Into every heart so tired and torn.

And the light shining from that star
     A        E       A
Will show you who you are,
And His light shining with its might
     A                         E
Will lead you thru the darkest night.

Verse 3:
They couldn't find a room for Him back then,
But He found a place in the hearts of men,
The hope that all the world would come to know
Born beneath the star so long ago.

solo over verse
Verse 1