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From: Bo Frazer
Performer: Katthy Mattea
Album: Good News
Words and music: Steve Earle

Nothing But A Child

(If you know how to detune the low E on the guitar to a D,
hit that as the bass note for all chords in first verse.)

Verse 1:
Once upon a time
G            A
In a far off land
G              A
Wise men saw a sign
    G        A
And set out 'cross the sand
Songs of praise to sing
     G                 A
They travelled day and night
G                 A
Precious gifts to bring
          G      A      D
They were guided by the light.

Verse 2:
They chased a brand new star
Ever towards the west
Across the mountains far
But when it came to rest
They scarce believed their eyes
They'd come so many miles
The miracle they prized
Was nothing but a child

G       D     G6
Nothing but a child
      D          F#m    Bm
Could wash those tears away
   G             A
Or guide a weary world
  G      A        D
Into the light of day
G       D     G6
Nothing but a child
      D     F#m        Bm
Could help erase those miles
   G             A
So once again we all
       G        A     D
Can be children for a while.

Solo (= same the tag): G   A   G   A   G A D

Verse 3:
Now all around the world
In every little town
Every day is heard
A precious little sound
And every mother kind
And every father, proud
Looks down in awe to find
Another chance allowed


G             A
Nothing but a little baby
G             A
Nothing but a little baby
G       A     D
Nothing but a child