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How Far is it to Bethlehem

    G            C
How far is it to Bethlehem
Am       D
Not very far
      G           C           G      Am7/D G
Shall we find the stable room lit by a star

Can we see the little Child
A7        D
Is He within
   G           C
If we lift the wooden latch
G     Am7/D G
May we go in

May we stroke the creatures there
Ox, ass or sheep
May we peep like them and see
Jesus asleep
If we touch His tiny hand
Will He awake
Will he know we’ve come so far
Just for His sake?

Great kings have precious gifts
And we have naught
Little smiles and little tears are
All we brought
For all weary children
Mary must weep
Here on His bed of straw
Sleep, children sleep