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Performer: Eddy Arnold


No deco-[A] rations - that [D] I could [A] see
There were no [E] presents - there was no [A] tree
Yet from the [A7] sky - there came a [D] glow
One Christmas [A] Eve - [E] so long a-[A] go.

No shoppin' malls - no flashing lights
Just one big star - to fill the night
The light of love - began to grow
One Christmas Eve - long ago.

That's how I [E] feel it - down in my [A] soul
Much more than [E] silver - and more than [A] gold [A7]
So far [D] beyond - mere words to [A] say
The gift of [D] love was ours on [A] that first Christmas [E] Day. [D,E,A]

No decorations - no fancy lights
He came in silence - on that Holy night
That's how it was - somehow I know
On Christmas Eve - long ago.

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