Words: K Tyler 
Music: L Brown
From: Guitar Picker (www.gospelmusic.tk)

Christmas Present

[G] Christmas [D/G] present,
[D] Christmas [G] tree.
[Em] Children's eyes are [Bm] wide to see,
[Em] Santa's presents [C] 'neath the [Am] tree,
All they [D] asked for [C/D] on his [D] knee.

[G] Christmas [D/G] present,
[D] Christmas [G] past.
[Em] From the presents [C] which ones [Cm] last?
[Em] Christmas' future's [C] sure to [Am] be,
[D] Looking [C/D] under[D]neath the [G] tree.

[Cmaj7] For the [Cm] present [Am] look high not [G] low,
[Em] Christmas was a [C] gift itself, [Am] many years a[D]go.

[G] Christmas [D/G] present [D] at the [G] start,
[Em] Was a gift from [C] someone's [Cm] heart,
[G] Christ is [Em] Christmas,
[C] That day is [D] His,
[G] That's what [Em] Christmas [C] pres[D]ence [G] is.

[G] Christmas [D/G] present [D-G]
[G] Christmas [D/G] present [D-G]