Words and music: Scott Davenport
From: Guitar Picker (www.gospelmusic.tk)

Christmas Candle

[A] Christ[D]mas [A] candle [A] ev[D]er [A] glowing
[A] Through [D] the [A] window [E] shed your light
[A] Though [D] the [A] world is [A] dark [D] and [A] lonely
[A] You [D] shall [A] be a [E] beacon [A] bright

[A] Christmas [A] candle [E] brightly [A] beam
[A] Through the [A] darkness [D] ev[A]er [E] gleam
[A] Shed [D] your [A] light that [A] all [D] may [A] know
[A] Christmas [D] has [A] come to [E] earth be[A]low

We can be like candles burning
Lighting up some darkened way
Guiding someone lost and yearning
For the Saviour born this day