From: Guitar Picker
Words: Malcolm Sargent
Music: Czech folk tune

All Must Draw Near

[C] Girls and boys leave your toys, make no noise,
[G] Kneel at His [C] crib and worship Him.
[C] At Thy shrine, child divine
We are Thine, [G] our saviour's [C] here.

[F] Hallelujah the church [C] bells ring,
[G] Hallelujah the [C] angels sing,
[G] Hallelujah from [C] everything,
[G] All must draw [C] near.

On that day, far away, Jesus lay,
Angels were watching 'round His head.
Holy child, mother mild, undefiled,
We sing Thy praise.


Shepherds came at the fame of Thy name,
Angels their guide to Bethlehem.
In that place saw Thy face,
Filled with grace,
Stood at Thy door.