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A Virgin Most Pure

A virgin most pure, as the prophets foretold,

Should bring forth a saviour which we now behold,
   C      D    G                    A   D
To be our Redeemer from death, hell and sin,
      C      A     D         G      C  G
Which Adam's transgression involved us in.

     C      D  G                   A  D
Then let us be merry, cast sorrows away:
    C        A      D         G       C    G
Our Saviour, Christ Jesus was born on this day.

Through Bethlehem City in Jewry it was
That Joseph and Mary together did pass;
And for to be taxed when thither they came,
Since Caesar Augustus commanded the same.


But Mary's full time being come, as we find,
That brought forth her first born son to serve all mankind;
The inn being full, for this heavenly guest,
No place was found for to lay him to rest.


But Mary, blest Mary, so meek and so mild,
Soon wrapped in swaddlings this heavenly child;
Contented she laid Him where oxen did feed,
The great God of nature approved of the deed.


Then presently the shepherds did spy
Vast numbers of angels to stand in the sky;
So merrily talking, so sweet they did sing:
All glory and praise to our heavenly King.