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From: Craig Bennett  []
(Unto The House Of The Lord", Psalm 122 adapted by John Bagniewski)

Unto The House Of The Lord

D   A                 Em     G
I rejoiced when they said to me,
        D           A            D    Em  G  A
"Let us go unto the house of the Lord."
D        A           Em   G
Standing there, O Jerusalem,
         D              A           D
In your gates unto the house of the Lord

D            A            G           A
Look upon Jerusalem, the city now restored
D                   A             G             A
Here the tribes of Yahweh come as one unto the Lord

As he ordered Isreal, they come to praise his name
Here where courts of justice , the courts of David reign

Pray for peace Jerusalem, prosperity at home
Peace inside your city walls that comes from God alone

Since we are God's people, I say, "Peace be to you"
May the God who dwells in us your happiness renew!!"