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Unfriendly World

(C) Lord, I sometimes feel just like a stranger
 here in this (F) dreary world (C) below.
And nobody knows the sorrow that I bear,
Or how (G) heavy, my (C) load.

(C) But in Thee dear Lord I have a Precious Friend
and my (F) faith looks up to (C) Thee.
Let me (F) rise and go, for this (C) dreary world below
is an (G) unfriendly world to (C) me.

Refrain (2x):

Here I wander, like a beggar
Through the (F) heat and the (C) cold.
And my burdens, are so heavy,
Lord my (G) sorrow, is (C) untold.

(C) But to Jesus, I am clinging,
Let me (F) hide, Lord, in (C) Thee.
For this old world, with its sorrow,
is an (G) unfriendly world to (C) me.