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From: Terry Ramos
Words and music: Stuart Hamblen
Album: Hymns
Performer: Johnny Cash. It was also recorded by Hank Snow,
but I don't know the name of the album it was on.

These Things Shall Pass

(A) These things shall pass (A7) and some great (D) morning
We'll look (A) back and smile at heartaches we have (E) known
So don't (A) forget, (A7) when storm clouds (D) gather
The Lord our (A) God is still the (E) King upon His (A) throne

(E) A rose looks gray at midnight
But the (A) flame is just asleep
And (B7) steel is strong because it knew
The (E) hammer and white (E7) heat
These (A) things shall pass (A7) and life be (D) sweeter
When love and (A) faith are strong they (E) cannot long en-(A)dure

(A) These things shall pass (A7) so don't you (D) worry
The darkest (A) time is just one hour before (E) dawn
So hold up (A) high (A7) and face your (D) troubles
And don't  des-(A)pair if you must (E) face them all a-(A)lone