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performer: The Issacs
Words and music: Albert Brumley

The Prettiest Flowers Will be Blooming

D                                   G
I know there is a land of beautiful flowers
              D                       A
Where we will meet again when life is oer
              D                      G
Where we will while away the endless hours
           D       A      D
On heavens bright eternal shore

                  G                       D
And the prettiest beds of flowers will be blooming
By the prettiest streets our eyes will ever behold
                    D                      G
Where the beautiful tree of life for us is waiting
                 D        A              D
By the prettiest mansions made of purest gold
                  G                             D
And the prettiest robes and crowns we'll all be wearing
In that city four square beyond this world of strife
                  D                              G
And the prettiest songs with the angels we'll be singing
                  D       A               D
On that beautiful morning by the river of life

D                                           G
On heavens golden strand they'll be no more dying
            D                           A
No chilling winds or tempest ever will blow
        D                         G
It is a land of love and wondrous beauty
               D       A    D
Where fragrant flowers ever grow

D                                    G
I want to meet you by that beautiful river
         D              A
On that eternal morning sky
              D                          G
Where we will live in peace thru endless ages
              D     A       D
Where we will never say goodbye