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From: Tim Ausburn


Writer, Odell McLeod (stage name Mac Odel) Recorded by Roy Acuff,
March 11, 1946. Columbia 20021 and 36974. Hank Williams helped sing
this, along with Acuff and The Carter Family, on the Kate Smith TV
show, April 23, 1952.

Key of A

Verse one:
(A) Come and listen won't you brother,
Have you heard or don't you know,
There's a train that's bound for glory,
Will you (E7) ride it when it (A) goes.

(A) Has your ticket yet been purchased for that Glory bound train,
Oh will you ride, **(that Glory bound train),
Oh will you ride, **(that Glory bound train),
Will you ride that train to (E7) Glory bye and (A) bye.
**(Note: harmony singers add this line each time)**

Verse two:
Have you made all preparations,
Reservations all complete,
When you hear that whistle blowing,
Will you be there at your seat.

Repeat Chorus:

Verse three:
Oh the headlight will be gleamin', Jesus is the engineer,
Will you ride his train to glory, or will he leave you here.

Repeat chorus:

Verse four:
When its golden bell starts ringin', swinging on that golden cord,
Will you have your ticket ready when you hear that, All Aboard.

Repeat chorus:

Verse five:
When you hear it in the distance, hear its mighty drivers roll,
Just a little while to tarry, then we'll walk the streets of gold.