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Words and music: Paul Field, Henk Pool, Ralph Van Manen & Robert Riekerk
Performer: Wynonna Judd on CBS's hit television show "TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL"
--she played a character named 'Audrey'


Capo on 3rd fret

[D] All the colors of the [A] rainbow, [Bm]
All the voices of the [G] wind
[D] Every dream that re[A]aches out,
That reaches [Bm] out to find a love [G] again
[G] Every word of every [A] story [Bm]
Every star in every [G] sky
[Em] Every [D] corner of cre[G]ation, [A] lives to tes[D]tify

For as long as I shall [A] live, I will testify the [Bm] love
I'll be a witness in the [G] silences, when words are not [D] enough
With every breath I [A] take, I will give thanks to God a[Bm]bove
For as long as I shall [G] live, I will testify the love [D]

From the mountains to [A] the valley  [Bm]
From the rivers to [G] the sea [D]
Every hand that rea[A]ches out
Every [Bm] hand that reaches out to offer [G] peace
Every simple act [A] of mercy, [Bm]
Every step to kingdom [G] come
[Em] All the hope in every [G] heart
will [A] speak what love has [D] done

Repeat chorus

Key change IN CHORUS where

             -->    D.....E

This is my version of the song. Such a great song!!!!