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"Jones, WilliamA"

Tell Mother I'll Be There

Capo II     Intro   G D G

When I was but a little child, How well I recollect,
How I would grieve my mother, with folly and neglect,
And Now that she has gone to Heaven, I miss her tender care,
O Savior tell my mother, I'll be there!

Chorus    G C G D G  G C G D G

Tell Mother I'll be there, In answer to her Prayer,
This message, Blessed Savior, to her Bear!
Tell mother I'll be there, Heavens Joys, with her to share
Just Tell my Darling mother, I'll be there!

Inst (verse)

Though I was often wayward, She was always, kind and good,
So Gentle, Patient, Loving, When my ways were rough and rude,
My childhood griefs and trails, She would gladly with me share,
O Savior tell my Mother, I'll be there!


Inst (verse)

When I became a prodigal and left the old roof tree,
She almost broke her loving heart, In mourning after me,
And day and night, She prayed to God, to keep me in His care,
O Savior, tell my mother, I'll be there!


Inst (chorus)

One Day a message came to me, It bade me quickly come,
If I would see my mother ere the Savior took her Home,
I promised her before she died, for Heaven to prepare,
O Savior, tell my Mother, I'll be there!

Chorus      End  G D G ???