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Words and music: Jeff Morgan
From: Guitar Picker -

   F                F7/A
It must have been a sad day
for all His disciples
     C7              F
When Jesus was going away.
But as He rose through the clouds,
He left them this message,
               F             C7            F
He said, "I'll come back for you this same way.

                    F7       Bb
Tarry here a little while my brother,
      F                        C7
Tarry here and work while it's day.
Bb/C  F                      Bb
Tarry here, it won't be much longer,
       F            C7        F
'Til I come back to take you away.

Now this road that I travel
sometimes gets so rocky,
It seems like I just can't go on.
But the thought cheers my heart
when I stop to remember,
Very soon now we're all going home.