PcmHЪD(»гZ▓┴TЧ     5(%НUAг░n|dК%п#=  Ђ],Тљо&╚F─-зб~z2№│УГ║■ VЮ3X?╝ЛD =ђj G[9б }   г ░лпУЭ  $0@8 xёа@└ << DNameMicrosoft-Windows-NTVDM-System32Version6.0.6000.16386PublicKeyToken31bf3856ad364e35ProcessorArchitecturex86VersionScopeNonSxS                     config.sysѕ         Microsoft-Windows-RootSecurity                      .вЄ         =ђj}    > Key of A - Capo to 2nd fret and play in G (G chords in Parenthesis) Intro-A(G)-D(C)-A(G)-D(C) -verse- A (G) D(C) A(G) Who's that man Thinks He's a prophet F#m (Em) Esus(Dsus) E (D) I wonder if He's got something up his sleeve A(G) D(C) A(G) Where's He from Who is His Daddy F#m(Em) E(D) A(G) There's rumors He even thinks Himself a king F#m(Em) E(D)/G# A(G) Bm (Am) Of a kingdom of paupers, simpletons and rougues C#m (Bm) D(C) E(D) The whores all seem to love Him and the drunks propose a toast And they say. . . -chorus- A(G) E(D) Surely God is with us G(F) D(C) Surely God is with us A(G) E(D) G(F) Surely God is with us today. -verse- Who's that man says He's a preacher He must be - He's disturbing all our peace Where's He get off what is He hiding Every word He says those fools believe But who could move a mountain Who would love their enemy Who could rejoice in pain and turn the other cheek And still say . . . -chorus- (x2) 2nd chorus omits "today" and goes directly to bridge -bridge- F#m (Em) E(D)/G# A(G) "Blessed are the poor in spirit Heaven belongs to them" Bm (Am) C#m(Bm) "Blessed are those who make peace They are God's children" D(C) "I am the bread of life" "I am the only way" E(D) You hear that man Believe what He says -verse- Who's that man They made Him a prisoner They tortured him and nailed Him to a tree Was He so bad Who did He threaten Did He deserve to die between two thieves See the scars and touch His wounds He's risen flesh and bone Now the sinners have become the saints and the lost have all come home And they say. . . -chorus- (x2) 2nd Chorus ends with F#m(Em)-E(D)/G#-A(G)-Bm(Am)-C#m(Bm)-D(C) today Home