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Words and music: Rich Mullins


Philippians 3:7-16

Gno3    G        C2/G         G        C2/G 	    G	     C2/G
[....][ / / / / ][ / / / / ][ / / / / ][ / / / / ][ / / / / ][ / / / / ]
     G                              C2/G
Somewhere between the lost and the found
		   G			  C2/G
We're all hanging empty, empty and upside down
 	       Am7			     Em
But I'm hanging on though the fall may tempt me
		      C2	     Am7	    C    Dsus D
And I believe in the dawn though we tremble in the night

Somewhere amidst these ins and these outs
There's a fine line of purpose I follow even now
Through the haze of despair that confuses and hurts us
I look to see that You're there and I run toward Your light

     Am				    C
Somewhere beyond these reasons and feelings
     Am				    C   D
Somewhere beyond the passion and fatigue
	        G		     	    C2/G
I know You're there and that Your Spirit is leading me
     Am	C2	       G   (C2/G  G  C2/G)
Somewhere beyond all this

Someday, now I don't know when
But I know that You're coming, You're coming back again
And the earth will burn away and the sky fill with thundering
As it announces the day has finally arrived
Somewhere, while the time is still now
While we're still hanging empty, empty and upside down
But I'm hanging on with all that is in me
And I'll sing my songs, and I'll laugh until I fly

      G			  C2/G	      G			 C2/G
Somewhere, baby away somewhere, somewhere, baby away somewhere
      G			  C2/G		       G	  C2/G
Somewhere, baby away somewhere I gotta go somewhere, somewhere
    G	      C2/G
|:[ / / / / ][ / / / / ]:|
repeat and fade

 1989 Edward Grant (ASCAP)