From: Guitar Picker -
Somebody Prayed

[A] Hands reaching [D] out over oceans and [E] mountains,
[A] Helping press [D] onward when I was [E] afraid.
[A] Thirsty souls [D] drank at the Life-giving [E] Fountain,
[A] Somebody, [D] somewhere had earnestly [E] prayed.

Somebody [D] prayed and my burden was [A] lighter,
Somebody [A] prayed and my path became [D] clear.
Clouds rolled [D] away and the sunshine was [A] brighter,
Jesus my [D] wonderful [E] Saviour was [A] near.

Faith flickered low as I battled affliction,
Jesus the mighty physician was there.
Healing me, giving me joy in His presence,
Answering somebody's unfailing prayer.


Souls for the Master that afar I may gather,
Trophies at last at His feet to be laid.
"Well done" He'll say, but I think I will answer,
"It's all by Thy grace Lord, 'cause somebody prayed."