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By Lange, Heathe and Burke
From: Guitar Picker -
Somebody Bigger

(A)  Who made the mountains?
(Dmaj7) Who made the (Amaj7) trees?
(Dmaj7) Who made the (A) rivers
(Bm) Flow to the (E) sea?
And (A) Who put the (C#m) moon
In the (Dmaj7) starry (Bm7) sky?
(A) Somebody (F#m) bigger than (B7) you or I.

Who made the flowers
Bloom in the spring?
Who writes the song
For the robin to sing?
And Who sends the rain
When the earth is dry?
Somebody bigger than you and I.

(Bm) He lights the (E7) way
When the (A) road is (F#m) dark,
He (D) keeps you (E) comp(A)any
With (E) love to (C#m) guide you,
(Amaj7) He walks be(F#m7)side you
(A) Just like He (B) walks with (E) me.
(Esus - E)

When I am weary,
Filled with despair,
Who gives me courage
To go on from there?
And Who gives me faith
That will never die?
Somebody bigger than you and I