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Words and music: Carl A.Blackmore
From: Guitar Picker -
Some Golden Daybreak

G                            D
Some glorious morning sorrow will cease;
D7                             G
Some glorious morning all will be peace.
                                 G7  C
Heartaches all ended, schooldays all done;
            G      C     D    G
Heaven will open - Jesus will come.

Some golden daybreak Jesus will come;
D7                                G
Some golden daybreak, battles all won,
G7                       C                 Am
Heíll shout the victíry, break through the blue;
Eį          G  C  G   D   G
Some golden daybreak, for me, for you.

Sad hearts will gladden, all shall be bright,
Goodbye forever to earthís dark night;
Changed in a moment, like Him to be,
Oh, glorious daybreak, Jesus Iíll see.

Oh, what a meeting, there in the skies;
No tears or crying shall dim our eyes.
Loved ones united eternally,
Oh, what a daybreak that morn will be.