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Author: Paul Humphrey
Album: The Victory Trio; Amen, Hallelujah, Praise God
From: Brandon Miracle

So Much to Thank Him For

In this song there is a backup part that if you have heard the song will be very easy to pick up.

Verse 1:

[D]When I look (I look) around and see
the [G]good things (good things) He does for me
I [D]know (I know) I'm unworthy of them [A]all.
For His [D]blessings (blessings) He freely gives,
I [G]owe (I owe) my life to Him,
I've got [D]so much to [A]thank Him [D]for.


[D]I've got so much (so much) to thank Him for
So [G]much (so much) to praise Him for
You [D]see (you see) He has been so good to [A]me
When I [D]think (I think) of what he's done
And [G]where (and where) He brought me from
I've got [D]so much to [A]thank Him [D]for.

Verse 2:

[D]Sometimes (sometimes) while on this way
I [G]kneel (I Kneel) to stop and say
Thank [D]You (thank You) for all You've done for [A]me.
One day I'll [D]reach (I reach) sweet heaven's shore
Oh, [G]please (oh please) let me kneel once more
I've got [D]so much to [A]thank Him [D]for.