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Artist:  Bill Monroe
Title:  The essential Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys disc two
Company:  Columbia 52480
From: "Charles C. Haynie"

Shine Hallelujah Shine

[A] Deep in the morrow of sin I was sinking
There was no one to guide my way
All my life I was in the shadow till I [B] heard the Savior [E] say
If you give heed to the blessed promise and become a child of mine
When you enter the [D] gates [A] of heaven, you will, [E] shine, shine, [A] shine

Oh I'm gonna shine (Oh I'm gonna shine)
Like the stars in the morning (in the bright morning)
Many mansions (many mansions) will be [E] mine (will ever be mine)
When I [A]  enter (when I enter) the[D]  gates [A] of heaven (glory hallelujah)
I'm gonna shine (hallelujah) I'm gonna shine

Jesus Lord is now my refuge
And he leads me by the hand
He will be my steady comfort
Til I reach the glory land
So press on with the hopes eternal
Springing int his heart of mine
When I enter the gates of heaven
I'm gonna shine (shine shine)


We were burdened with many affections
Ofter unsightly things we hear
But we'll all be like our Savior when we reach that home up there
Daily I'll walk in His dear footsteps growing more like Him all the time
When I enter the gates of heaven, I will shine, shine, shine

End by retarding last line of CHORUS.