PcmHl$T 5(%UAn|d%#=' Fbm&F-~z2 V3X ?D [ f }i 7(08@P`p L ( DTpt4@ NameMicrosoft-Windows-Gadgets-PicturePuzzleGadget.ResourcesrCultureten-USn-UVersions6.0.6000.1638663PublicKeyTokenok31bf3856ad364e35ProcessorArchitectureturx86VersionScopeNonSxSnS picturePuzzle.html gadget.xml settings.html.l{u} Program Files\windows sidebar\gadgets\PicturePuzzle.Gadget\en-US B I want to thank You, Lord. By His truth I can be upright, By His strength I do endure, By His power I've been lifted, In His love I am secure. He bought me with a price, Freed me from the pit, Full of emptiness and wrath And the fire that burns in it. (play chorus) Nobody to rescue me, Nobody would dare, I was going down for the last time, But by His mercy I've been spared. Not by works, But by faith in Him who called, For so long I've been hindered, For so long I've been stalled. Home