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From: "dananddanni"
Written and recorded by Hoyt Axton

Rusty Old Halo

[G]I know a man, [C]rich as a king, [D7]still he just won't give his
[G]neighbors a thing, He'll get up to heaven [C]someday I bet, [D7]he'll
get up to heaven and [G]here's what he'll get

[G]A rusty old halo, [C]skinny white cloud, [D7]second hand wings full of
[G]patches, [G]A rusty old halo, [C]skinny white cloud, a [D7]robe that's
so wooley that it [G]scratches.

[G]Some people have them [C]big fancy cars, [D7]swimming pools, fur coats,
and [G]diamonds in jars,real silver gates, [C]real golden doors,
[D7]they'll get up to heaven and [G]trade them all for


[G]While you're on earth you should [C]shine like a star, [D7]brighten up
the corner where [G]ever you are,doing each day the [C]best you can do,
[D7]that way you'll be sure they'll [G]never hand you