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Performer: Rev F C Barnes & Rev Janice Brown
Words and music: Rev F C Barnes

Rough Side of the Mountain

Oh Lord, you know I'm strivin',
          D                           A
tryin' to make it through this barren land,
A                       D
but as I go from day to day,
      A              D
I can hear my Savior say,
          A           E              A
"trust me child, come on and hold my hand."

I'm comin' up on the rough side of the mountain,
I must hold to God, His powerful hand.
A                                      D
I'm comin' up on the rough side of the mountain,
    A        E               A
I'm doin' my best to make it in.

I'm comin' up Lord, Yes I’m coming up Lord
            D                               A
although my burdens sometimeS they press me down,
A                           D
but if I can only keep this faith
          A                         D
I'll have strength just to run this race;
    A                E                       A
I'm lookin', yes I’m lookin’ for my robe and crown.

This old race will be soon be over,
         D                         A
there'll be no more race for me to run.
A                             D
And I will stand before God's throne,
       A                  D
all my heartaches will be gone,
     A              E                   A
I'll hear my Savior say, child "welcome home".