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Group: The Del McCoury Band
Album: Del and the Boys
By: Buddy Greene

Recovering Pharisee

Capo at 4th fret – Play in G

(G) I’m a Pharisee, in recovery. With new eyes I can see, a big sinner in me

It’s the (C) way of my human (G) heart to (C) confess other people’s (D) sins.

(C) Reluctant to admit my (G) part or the (A7) deeper problem (D7) within.

But thank (C) God He won’t let me (G) be or (C) remain in my (D7) hypocrisy.

(C) Sooner of later I’ll be (G) on my knees, (A7) honest to God a (D7) recovering

(G) Pharisee


(G) I’m a sinner and a saint simultaneously.  I’m not what I was or what I’m goin’ to be

Still I’ve (C) got that ol’ (G) tendency to be (C) all a wicked man can (D7) be.

It takes (C) more than knowin’ right from (G) wrong.  It takes (A7) more than singin’ gospel (D7)songs.

It takes the (C) life of the Great I (G) Am to pro (C) duce any good in (D7) me

He’s the (C) vine.  I’m the branch.   And I’m (G) learning to be (A7) Honest to God a (D7) recovering

(G) Pharisee


(G) I need the God of all grace each and every day

If I’m to run this race.  If I’m to walk in His way.

I don’t (C) have to be a slave to (G) sin.  I don’t (C) have to let the devil (D7) win.

Cause the (C) son of God lives in (G) me and His (A7) promise is to set me (D7) free.

(C) Jesus help my (G) unbelief so I can (C) follow you (D7) faithfully.

(C) You’re the shepherd.  I’m the sheep.  And you’re (G) helping me to be (A7) Honest to God a (D7) recovering

(G) Pharisee