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Artist: Stanley Brothers
Words and music: Odell McLeod
Album: 20 Bluegrass Originals "Hymns"
Tab: Bruce White (

Purple Robe

This is my first attempt to tab out a song.  I did it solely for
my own purposes.  You really need to listen to the song as the
Stanley Brothers recorded it to get the rhythm.

The only parts on the introductions that I'm a little unsure of are
the double-note + slide parts xxxx20 and xxxx12 sliding to xxxx23.

If you can improve any of this tab, please let me know!  There is a lot
more subtle picking going on in the background as the song progresses.
There is also a nice part that comes after the A-chord in the verses.
I haven't yet figured that out though.  I play the verses and chorus by
just playing alternating bass notes with my thumbs and the 3 high strings
with my 3 first fingers.  You can add a few bass runs to spruce it up a
little.  I tried to indicate where the singing starts at the end of each

Capo the 4th fret.  You may also have to tune your guitar just a
little higher to be in tune with the recorded version.

Intro to verse 1:
                               G         D
                                              It's a story ...

Intro to verse 2:

  softly then louder                    D    G      D
 ro-o-o-obe ...                                         In the ...

Intro to verse 3:
          |-|---|-------------------|---- Here, softly strum D chord
          v ^   v                   v
   soflty          louder                           D   G   D
 ro-o-o-obe ...                                                Words ...

Notes on the intros:

D is xx0232
G is xx0433

For the intro to verse 3, v and ^ indicate down and upstrokes.

Here are the chords.  The recorded version by The Stanley Brothers
has the song in the key of F#, but with the capo on the 4th fret,
you can just play D, G, and A.

Capo on the 4th fret.

Verse 1
       D                       G           D
It's a story so unkind in the Holy Book we find,
And it tells how Jesus stood alone one day.
False accused and there condemned,
         G                   D
Yet they found no fault with Him.
                      A             D G D
The man who wore the scarlet purple robe.

D                                 G               D
Purple robe my Savior wore, oh the shame for me He bore,
As He stood alone forsaken, on that day.
         D                               G                      D
And they placed upon His head, piercing thorns of blood stained red.
                    A             D G D
His raiment was a scarlet purple robe.

Verse 2:
        D                            G                     D
In the common judgement hall, He was mocked and scorned by all.
And the tears of sorrow fell upon His cheek,
         D                            G               D
Soldiers of the wicked man, smote Him with their evil hand
                      A             D G D
The man who wore the scarlet purple robe.

Verse 3:
         D                                   G               D
Words of truth that day were plain, from the lips of Pilate came.
In this man I find no reason He should die.
         D                             G           D
But the multitude then cried, "Let Him now be crucified,"
                      A             D G D
The Man who wore the scarlet purple robe.