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From: "Nancy S. Davis" []
by Odell McLeod  copywrighted 1952 Acuff-Rose
Indiana State University Archives


Verse 1:	                G                       C             G
			It's  a story  so unkind in the Holy Book we find,
				And it tells how Jesus stood alone one day.
			False accused and there condemned,
             	  		         C                   G
				Yet they found no fault with Him.
 					     D               G
			The man who wore the Scarlet Purple  Robe.
           		G				  C               G
			Purple Robe my Savior wore,oh the shame for me He bore,
				as He stood alone forsaken, on that day.
                   	         G	    			C
        		And they placed upon His head, piercing thorns
				of blood stained red.
 					    D              G
			His raiment's was a Scarlet Purple Robe.
Verse 2:
       		               G                             C
     			In the common judgement hall, He was mocked
				and scorned by all.
			And the tears of sorrow fell upon His cheek,
                        	         G                            C               G
				Soldiers of the wicked man, smote Him with their evil hand
			                     D              G
			The man who wore the scarlet purple robe.
Verse 3:
        		         G                                 C              G
		        Words of truth,that day was plain,from the lips of Pilate came.
				In this man, I find no reason He should die.
                                G                             C	          G
		        But the multitude then cried,"Let Him now be crucified,"
                                                     D              G
				The Man who wore the Scarlet Purple Robe.