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From: Douglas Shepherd

Tune: John’s Denver’s "Country Roads"
Lyrics by: Rev Doug Shepherd
Central Lutheran Church
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada

Precious Lord, Be My Guide

(C) Precious Lord, be my (G) guide, through the (Am) day, through the (F) night,
Always (C) with me, here (G) beside me, precious (F) Lord, be my (C) guide.

(Am) I feel your (G) touch in the (C) gentle summer breezes
(F) Brushing by my (C) face, you fill my (G) life with light and love.
The (Am) growing buds of (G) spring-time and the (F) seasons of creation
Sing your (G) love each day, every day.

I hear your voice in the laughter of a baby,
Your promise that creation will have another day.
The aged face tells me of wisdom gained through years of living
In your love each day, every day.

I see your face in my brothers and my sisters,
Perfect in your image, your love flows through them each day.
Each one I meet’s a blessing sweet
And makes me want to love them more and more each day, every day.