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From: Steve L Portigal -
Words and music: Curtis Mayfield

I was going through some old cassettes I had made, and I ran
across a nearly-forgotten live version of "People Get Ready"
performed by Phil Collins.  I remember it came off a video of
one of his concerts.  It was a nice arrangement, with just
Daryl Stuermer (sp?) on guitar, and a vocal quartet backing him
with gospel harmonies.  So I did some digging and found a
lyric/chord sheet I had made for the song.  Maybe someone
will find it entertaining.

A couple of notes here: As performed, Daryl has a Strat with
a chorus box, giving a real ringy tone.  He does a half-
chorus-length intro starting at the 9th fret (D-form),
then drops to the normal form for the rest of the first
two verses (easier heard than described!).

After the 2nd verse, the song transistions up a half step,
which Daryl starts on the 10th fret (again in D-form).
In order to minimize jumping around, I play the bulk of the
last two verses barred at the 3rd fret.  This allows me to
hit all the chords easily.

Well, those were some long-winded notes.  Enjoy!

                    People Get Ready

                        A         F#m7
                    Now people get ready,
                              D       A
                    there's a train a'comin.
                    A            F#m7
                    Don't need no baggage,
                             D      A
                    you just get on board.
                            A      F#m7
                    All you need is faith,
                                D       A
                    to hear the diesels humming.
                       Dbm7          F#m7
                    You don't need no ticket,
                             D         A
                    You just thank the lord.

                    People get ready,
                    for the train to Jordan.
                    Picking up passengers,
                    from coast to coast.
                    Faith is the key,
                    opens the door stil boarded.
                    There's hope for all,
                    Amongst those loved the most.

                    Bb             Gm7
                    There ain't no room,
                            Eb       Bb
                    for the hopeless sinner.
                          Bb          Gm7
                    Who'd hurt all mankind,
                            Eb       Bb
                    just to save his own.
                    Bb         Gm7
                    Pitied are those,
                          Eb           Bb
                    whose chances grow thinner.
                                   Dm7       Gm7
                    'Cause there's no hiding place,
                                Eb        Bb
                    Amongst the kingdom's throne.

                    Now people get ready,
                    there's a train a'comin.
                    Don't need no baggage,
                    you just get on board.
                    All you need is faith,
                    to hear the diesels humming.
                    You don't need no ticket,
                    You just thank the lord.

I don't think I've seen this recording on disc (I dubbed it
from the video), but the video probably dates from the early
to mid-80s if anybody is interested.