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Submitted by Craig Bennett -
Words and music: Carey Landry

Peace I Leave

C       Dm          F         G
Peace I leave with you, my friends:
           Em        Dm     F
Shalom my peace, in all you do.
C       Dm          F         G
Peace I leave with you, my friends,
          Am              Dm      F       C
I give to you, so you can give to others, too.

C              Dm      F       C
To share God's love is why I came,
                 Em    Dm     F
To show God's kindness to the world
C         Dm          F      C
Go now my friends and do the same,
         Em   Dm-G
Until I come again...

Take my hand and be at peace,
The spirit of our love I send;
And with this love you will be free,
Until I come again...

With this love you all will know,
That loneliness is at an end,
Rejoice my people though I go
For I will come again...